Meagan & Rhodes - Georgetown, KY

"Having used a doula for the birth of our son, my husband and I weren’t sure that we needed a doula for our second birth.  After meeting with Christina (and a couple other doulas), I was convinced that there was as much value the second time around.  Christina was helpful during my pregnancy when I had questions or wanted to share updates, but it was her presence and physical support during the labor and delivery of our daughter that absolutely blew my mind.  

I’m not great at asking for help, but that wasn’t an issue during my labor as Christina sensed when she needed to jump in for extra support or step back and let my body guide me as to what to do next.  I felt like she and my husband were exactly where they needed to be, doing what I needed them to do throughout my labor.  I was able to focus on breathing and moving while Christina’s strong yet comforting touch eased my discomfort.  Labor progressed at lightning speed after my water broke, and while the intensity of the contractions could have distracted me from using them to my advantage, Christina was able to keep me present and focused.  Shortly after getting the urge to climb in the bed and kneel, I delivered our daughter (before midwife was able to make it to the hospital- little one was quick to make her entrance into the world).

Betty and her doula   

Betty and her doula


When the nurse was wheeling me to our room, she said, “You natural birthing mamas are stronger than I.”  While I am proud of my strength and feel empowered and overjoyed thinking about my daughter’s birth, I know that I am not exceptional.  What was exceptional was my prenatal care by two excellent midwives, the labor and delivery team at the hospital, and the support I received from my husband and Christina.  I’m not stronger than the average woman, but I was smart in my choices for who cared for me before, during and after my daughter’s birth.  I highly recommend choosing Christina at Commonwealth Doula Services as your doula and hope that your birth story will be enhanced by her presence the way mine was.  Kentuckians are lucky to have her on the birth scene!" - Meagan

"Christina is a rockstar.  As a father, I believe she was as much of a help to me as she was to my wife during pregnancy, as well as during labor and delivery.  It is hard to watch someone you love go through such a physically demanding event.  There were several times when I didn't know how to help my wife, and Christina seemed to know just what to do every time.  She took the pressure off of me so I could try to be as emotionally attentive to my wife as possible.  Christina's presence at our daughter's birth was invaluable, and I can't imagine not having her there.  She will be loved and appreciated every time I think about the amazing birth experience that my family got to share." - Rhodes