My philosophy on pregnancy and birth is rooted in the concepts of Purpose and Respect.


Pregnancy and birth are very purposeful functions of the human body and the human experience. On a large scale, the purpose of pregnancy and birth is to prepare you to be a parent. From the specific (such as restless nights of pregnancy preparing you for the restless nights with a newborn) to the general (working on patience, decision making, how and when to give up control, etc), most aspects of birth and pregnancy are mini parenting lessons. On a smaller, physiological scale most aspects of pregnancy and birth are symptoms of purposeful actions taking place in your body. Frequent trips to the bathroom are caused by necessary hormones in the beginning of pregnancy and by providing your baby sufficient space in later pregnancy. Contractions, in general, either help your body prepare for birth or actively push the baby down. I believe that, as a parent, it is very important to see the purpose in each aspect of pregnancy and birth so that you can understand what is happening and why. That understanding is the foundation for making the best decision in any given situation.


I believe that not only should pregnancy and birth be respected as purposeful functions, but also that each individual person’s pregnancy and birth, including all the decisions they make, are to be respected. Each individual experience with pregnancy and every single birth will be different and each is valid and worthy of respect. It is important that everyone show respect to the parents’ choices, but most of all it is important that the parents themselves are able to look back on the experience and feel confident in the choices they made. The way to do that is to be an informed and active participant in the entire process. As your doula, it is my job to support you in every way possible to make that happen.