Christina Libby, CD(DONA)

My name is Christina Libby and I live with my family  in Frankfort, KY a few blocks from our Commonwealth's Capitol. I’ve been lucky enough to call Kentucky home for most of my life. My interest in pregnancy and birth began when I was a child and my love for this state deepened through my work with the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association. After studying Sociology and Gender Studies at the University of Kentucky I worked for the Kentucky YMCA Youth Association for 7 years and the Cabinet for Health and Family Services for 2 years. Frustratingly, even after all those years of college and work, I still felt like I was searching for my career. When I became pregnant with my son and experienced birth first hand, my passion for pregnancy & birth were reignited as I learned everything I could on the subjects. I realized that birth work is not limited to the medical professions of obstetrician, nurse, or midwife and that doulas serve an integral role in supporting people through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. The more I learned about what a doula is and the services a doula provides, the more certain I felt that I had finally found a path that would lead to a career that I not only cared about a great deal, but one that fit perfectly with my skills and personality.  After every birth I am honored to attend, my clients' and my own experiences being their doula validate my life changing decision. 

In the year's since I started work as a doula I have also become very active in the birth community. I currently serve as the President of Birth Care Network Board of Directors, Chair Person of the DONA Advocacy Sub-Committee on Legislative Action; Lead Organizer of the 2018 Kentucky March for Moms; Volunteer Coordinator for Birth Monopoly; Professional Member at Evidence Based Birth; and Advocate with the Kentucky Home Birth Coalition's campaign to license and regulate Certified Professional Midwives in the state of Kentucky. 

Christina was such a natural
— Kristen

I am certified as a Birth Doula by DONA International and have completed Birth Doula trainings by both DONA International as well as toLabor.

Birth photography by Hueit Photography by Vicky Lea and Bluegrass Birth Stories and used with permission. 

All photos of clients, partners, and babies are used with permission. 

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